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Hitachi Electronic Products (M) Sdn. Bhd. Hitachi

HEPM management is committed in taking measures on environment aspects into consideration in response to pollution and to conserve the environment by implementing “Green Procurement “. Green Procurement has been active in making contribution & effort to enhance HEPM product to the major reduction in the use of toxic, increased recycling of waste and produced to minimize environmental impact which based on HEPM’s environmental policy under the slogan “ Beautiful Earth For Our Children”.

HEPM Green Procurement strives to improve parts purchase from suppliers and products supplied to customers are free from hazardous substances. As a part of the Green Procurement activities:-

  1. We held an explanation meeting concerning Green Procurement requirement for every beginning of budget term during “ Supplier Conference Day”.
  2. Closely monitors and maintains hazardous substances used in its products by conforming on supplier’s PCL with EDX –700HS*1 screening. Suppliers shall require meeting a minimum requirement based on HEPM Green Procurement Requirement.

HEPM Company recognizes the protection of the global environment that is a critical theme for mankind. Therefore, HEPM green Procurement is responsible to take this challenge by work only with suppliers who are committed to continuos environmental improvement. The PCL content must be filled –up by suppliers and will further verified by HEPM Green Procurement Engineer. HEPM Green Procurement’s ambition is to work towards improving environmental protection.

Awards: -

  1. SONY Green Partner Certificates.
  2. AELB License Certificate.

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